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American Psycho The Musical Comes to Broadway

– DIG DEEPER by David Johnson
After its successful run at the Almeida Theatre in London, American Psycho is coming to Broadway’s Schoenfeld Theatre. The 2013-2014 limited run at the Almeida was sold out and critically acclaimed.

“pure, decadent pleasure”

– the Times

Previews begin March 24, 2016

We always knew that we wanted it to play Broadway—its theme and setting are New York.  The creative team comes from the London production with an exciting new cast, starring Benjamin Walker.

We are delighted to have partnered on the show with highly acclaimed Broadway producers Jeffrey Richards, Jerry Frankel and Will Trice. Together, we put together a Developmental Lab in January 2015 to give the creative team a chance to further improve the show. During a huge snowstorm, we presented the work to a great group of potential investors and theater industry insiders. With Benjamin Walker as the lead, we continued to build out our cast through the year.  We have also engaged with the top advertising, marketing and digital firms to make sure that American Psycho is presented to the world in the right way.

The right way means maintaining in everything we do, the same style and stature that made it a success in London and also makes it something that we at Act 4 think is important and makes us proud to present.

In the London program we said that the novel originally written in 1991 about the late 1980s was relevant to today. The production follows closely Bret Easton Ellis’ novel, which The Guardian called

“one of the greatest novels of our time… American Psycho… focuses on the ennui of morally bankrupt extreme privilege… American Psycho holds a hyper-real, satirical mirror up to our faces, and the uncomfortable shock of recognition it produces is that twisted reflection of ourselves, and the world we live in.”

The twisted economic disparity that American Psycho’s world depicts was larger and more real in 2013 than when written and it is even more true now in 2015 and will be at least as relevant in 2016 on opening. Today we find ourselves in far greater extremes than in the late 1980s. For more on this, I have included my thoughts from the London program below.


DIG DEEPER by David Johnson. Image Compilation, Posting, Format & Edit by Adam Paul Smith
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American Psycho – Fan Backed!

Fan Backed!
A BIG THANK YOU from our American Psycho team

In April, 2013 we asked for your support… and by May 24th it was clear that you, the AMERICAN PSYCHO fans, are behind us in a real way. With your backing, we will proudly present the musical AMERICAN PSYCHO at the Almeida Theatre. This . . .

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UCSB Screening w/ Billy Raftery & Adam Paul Smith

UCSB Hosts ANGELS IN EXILE at The Carsey-Wolf Center.
– DIG DEEPER via Carsey-Wolf Center, Hosted by Richard Hutton with guests Billy Raftery and Adam Paul Smith


The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) hosted a screening of ANGELS IN EXILE at The Carsey-Wolf Center. Following the film, Richard Hutton leads a . . .

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Shrinking “middle class” bad for America?

The Shrinking “Middle Class” Bad For America? YES, here’s how…

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A New Play’s Timely Commentary on American Values

A New Play’s Timely Commentary on American Values
– DIG DEEPER via The Opportunity Agenda’s Alan Jenkins


“the idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” – Maya Angelou

Art’s great power is to transform what’s possible . . .

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