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Economic Divide

Economic Divide

There is a real and significant growing divide in the United States between the rich and everyone else.
This increasing division matters. WHY? Because it affects opportunity, poverty and democracy.

“Knowledge is Power!” DIG DEEPER below…

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American Psycho On Broadway

American Psycho The Musical Comes to Broadway – DIG DEEPER by David Johnson   After its successful run at the Almeida Theatre in London, American Psycho is coming to Broadway’s Schoenfeld Theatre. The 2013-2014 limited run at the Almeida was sold out and critically acclaimed.   “pure, decadent pleasure” – the Times Previews begin March…



Direct from a sold out run in London, AMERICAN PSYCHO comes home to the city that inspired it. This hit musical based on the best-selling novel by Bret Easton Ellis is set in the excess of 1980s Manhattan, where young and handsome Wall Street banker Patrick Bateman pursues his darkest American dreams.


American Psycho – Fan Backed!

Fan Backed! A BIG THANK YOU from our American Psycho team In April, 2013 we asked for your support… and by May 24th it was clear that you, the AMERICAN PSYCHO fans, are behind us in a real way. With your backing, we will proudly present the musical AMERICAN PSYCHO at the Almeida Theatre. This…



A fight for survival in a small working class town plagued with deadly illness caused by extreme pollution from the very company that provides the people of the town their livelihoods… What do you do when the same company that provides your living is also making you sick? And you then find out this company…


A New Play’s Timely Commentary on American Values

A New Play’s Timely Commentary on American Values – DIG DEEPER via The Opportunity Agenda’s Alan Jenkins   “the idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” – Maya Angelou   Art’s great power is to transform what’s possible by making…


Shrinking “middle class” bad for America?

The Shrinking “Middle Class” Bad For America? YES, here’s how…


From The Streets: My First Zulu Class

“The kids started to ask me about what it was like in America. I told them a story or two and they then began to open up, telling me about their day, where they were from, leading to them teaching me bits of the Zulu language…” – DIG DEEPER by Billy Raftery (ANGELS IN EXILE)…



Based on Howard Zinn’s book, “A People’s History of the United 
States,” this documentary features readings based on America’s
 struggles with race, class, war, and women’s rights from some of 
today’s brightest stars and musicians.   Available to own on DVD: Purchase DVD Direct Rent via: Amazon Prime Video iTunes Google Play



AMERICAN PSYCHO paints the shocking, funny, and unsettling portrait of Patrick Bateman, a 26-year-old Manhattan investment banker serial offender with a designer lifestyle and a twisted mind.  Our staged musical adaption remains faithful to Bret Easton Ellis’ world and his satirical treatment of the materialism and greed of this era of late capitalism.



When Dr. Gretchen Berland gave video cameras to three Los Angeles residents in wheelchairs and asked them to film their daily lives, she wasn’t sure what they would capture. In the end, after nearly two years and 212 hours of tape, Galen Buckwalter, Ernie Wallengren and Vicki Elman did far more than accomplish Berland’s goal…