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Water (Access & Commodification)

Water (Access & Commodification)

Water is a finite and necessary resource for consumption, agriculture and power generation.  As many nations struggle to provide adequate access to clean water, there is potential political fallout.  One nation with a booming population may need to access the water of a neighboring nation which could result from a variety (or combination) of scenarios.  For instance, a dam in one nation that is used to generate hydroelectric power may be preventing the flow of water to a neighboring nation.  In another, one nation may undergo an extended period of drought.  But the most likely instance in which one nation may be in dire need of potable water is the lack of public pipeline infrastructure.  All of this is coupled with an increasing number of privatized commercial water interests that control rights and access to water.  On a whole, this issue must be dealt with so that appropriate diplomatic measures can be enacted and infrastructure creation can occur.   Otherwise there is the additional risk of military conflict.

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