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Change Agents: Individuals who have stood up to create a successful movement for good, dedicating themselves to the betterment of others.
The show challenges the CA’s to replicate or franchise their accomplishments to another community or in another form. In doing so, we hope to not only expand their positive influence, but in the process inspire an audience by their example.

The Project

Format: Unscripted Series for Television
Creator/Director: Sorrel Ahlfeld
Executive Producer: Act 4 Entertainment
Production Company: Act 4 Entertainment
Sales for TV: Anonymous Content, Act 4 Entertainment
Status: Show Teaser & Series Concept Available

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Birth of ANGELS IN EXILE: Alliance b/n Filmmaker & Activist

Umthombo’s founder Tom Hewitt M.B.E., met Children Rise (CRF) Founder & ANGELS IN EXILE director Billy Raftery whilst surfing!

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