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A fight for survival in a small working class town plagued with deadly illness caused by extreme pollution from the very company that provides the people of the town their livelihoods…

What do you do when the same company that provides your living is also making you sick?

And you then find out this company is not just making you as an employee sick, but also your family, your kids… your entire neighborhood. This company, your company is quietly yet blatantly poisoning the air we breathe and the water we drink…

Sound like a setup to a fictional horror movie, a historical piece to a bygone lawless error, or some poor third world country? Unfortunately not.

This is real.   It is happening as you read this.   It is occurring in the United States.

The Project

Format: Documentary Feature Film
Directors: Natalie Kottke, Erica Sardarian (Co)
Original Song: Written & Performed by Mindy Jones, Produced by Moby
Producers: Adam Paul Smith, Natalie Kottke, Edgar Sardarian, Erica Sardarian
Executive Producers: David Johnson, Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock
Production Teams: Act 4 Entertainment, The American Independent Institute, Penn Road Productions
Distributor: First Run Features
Status: Worldwide Digital Release 3/20/2018 (Available on iTunes)
Los Angeles Theatrical Release 12/8/17 – 12/14/17 at Laemmle Music Hall, CA
New York City Theatrical Release 9/8/17 – 9/14/17 at The Cinema Village, NY
World Premiere at the 2016 Los Angeles International Film Festival

The Reason

This is happening all across America. This is not just about one town. This is about a whole series of small towns and vulnerable neighborhoods that are being prayed upon by economic power and big polluters.

– Van Jones (Former White House Environmental Advisor)

The Activists