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Based on the 2005 documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, this is the true story of Shelby Knox.  After learning that her hometown of Lubbock, Texas had the highest teen pregnancy and STD rate in the U.S., Shelby rallied for sex education at her high school in lieu of its “abstinence only” program, while pledging to remain abstinent herself.  Shelby’s crusade soon turns her and her family into pariahs in their conservative, religious community.

The Reason

Many schools across the country lack adequate sex education programs due to either conservative religious pressure… (by the way dinosaurs and people did not roam the Earth together) or lack of funding.

The Project

Format: Narrative Feature Film based on Feature Documentary ‘The Education of Shelby Knox’
Director: Cherie Nowlan
Writer (screenplay): Lisa Loomer
Production Company: Act 4 Entertainment, Baer Bones, Double Nickel Entertainment
Status: In Development

The Activists

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